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0.35 Mm Thickness Transformer EI Core EI 270 With Imported Silicon Steel


0.35 mm Thickness ASTM Standard Silicon Steel Electrical Transformer EI Core With Grade EI270 Cold Rolled Sheets Brife Introduction:EI Core Lamination features: 1) Specification: From EI-28 to EI-240(monophase) EI-80 to EI-50(three phase)2) Property:International standard3) Thickness:0.27mm;0.30mm;0.35mm;0.5mm4) Raw materials ( CRNGO or CRGO):a) Bao steel: B50A1000, B0A1300, B50AH470, B50AH600, B50AH800, B35A270,B35A300b) Ann steel: 50AW1000,50AW1300c) Wu steel: 50WW1300, 50WW1000, 50WW800d) Imported silicon steel such as POSCO steel5) Applicable to all kinds of iron cores for power transformers Products Description:Three phase EI-Lamination (Standard size )TypeABCDEHolesHole countDiameter3phase 16801640161645.03phase 16801648161645.03phase 20100206020206/44.5*3phase 2211022662222463phase 25125257525256/463phase30150309030306/48*3phase 3216032803232483phase 351753510535356/483phase 381903811438386/483phase 402004012040406/483phase 442204413244446/48*3phase 452254513545456/4103phase 502505015050506/48*3phase 56280561685656410.83phase 603006018060606143phase703507021070706143phase 804008024080806/414 A1A2BCDEHole countDiameter*3phase 902252259027090906/414*3phase 1002502501003001001006/414 Our Benefits:Largest direct manufacture in Jiangyin ,ChinaHave an competitive price and high qualityExcellent after-sale serviceAttractive design and various stylesFree issue:packaging list,invoice,Certificate of OriginPowerful technology teamStrict quality assurance system and perfect testing meansAdvanced process equipmentDelivery"font-size:14px"NT people always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning to the very end.We could do the third party test of SGS for you.

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