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SciSe Highway Barriers Co.

About Us

SciSe Highway Barriers Co. supplies and exports products including Galvanized Steel Highway Guardrail, Plastic Coated Highway Guardrail Barrier, Hot-dipped Galv. Guardrail, Galvanized Steel Highway Guardrail, Plastic Coated Highway Guardrail Barrier, Hot-dipped Galv. Guardrail, Guardrail Brackets, Steel Beam Post for Guardrails, Galvanized & PVC Coated Steel Columns, Guardrail Spacers, Sigma Post for Guardrail, Guard Rail Terminals, Mobile Traffic Fence, Highway Fence Panels, Railway Sound Barrier, Bridge Sound Barrier, Highway Sound Barrier, etc. Scise Featured Products: Highway Guardrails Where the Guardrail Barriers are Used: Highway guardrail is commonly used as a passive barrier system for highway traffic security. The steel guard railings are installed widely along the roadway and highways, especially at curves and slopes, parking lots, road corners, dead end street and other site that may cause danger or accident to people or cars. How the Guardrail Panels Work: Guardrail panels fixed along the expressway can guide the direction of the vehicles and keep them running within the safe limit. In case any traffic accidents happen such as vehicle collision, the guardrail barrier will play an important role by decelerating the speed of the collided vehicles. Due to the designed curved shape of the guardrail panels, they will allow a slowing down of the crashed vehicle without hurting it seriously. In this way, the guard rails can reduce the danger level of the involved vehicles by keeping them safely within the road, allowing them slow down and directing them back to the right way. What are popular surface treatments for the guardrail beams: We supply three types of steel guardrail beams according to the finishes: Common galvanized steel guardrails , zinc coating quantity at about 550 gram/ m2 (40μ); Heavy hot dipped zinc plated guardrails, zinc coating quantity at about 1100 g/m2 (80μ) or 1200 g/m2 (85μ); PVC coated steel highway guardrails. Functions of the Surface Treatments to the Finished Guardrail Panels: Steel galvanized guardrail coated with zinc offers more durability and maximum strength. The zinc coating also prevents discoloration and weak points caused by rust and corrosion. The zinc or PVC coating enables the following five features for the steel guardrails: 1, Anti-rusting; 2, Anti-corrosion; 3, Longer service life with protective coating layer; 4, Ultraviolet proof; 5, Anti-aging.

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